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Railroad Earth Live at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on 2004-03-27

Topics Live concert

Disc 1:

Set I:

1. Tuning
2. Lordy Lordy
3. Sing For //Me
4. Seven Story Mountain
5. Mighty River
6. Give That Boy A Hand
7. Luxury Liner
8. Storms

Set II:

9. Tuning
10. Drag Him Down
11. Colorado

Disc 2:

Set II cont:

1. Bird In A House
2. Little Rabbit
3. Any Road
4. Like A Buddha
5. Mess
6. Cold Water
7. Fiddlee


8. El //Cumbanchero
9. Long Way To Go
10. Fire On The Mountain

Collection RailroadEarth
Band/Artist Railroad Earth
Date March 27, 2004
Venue Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Location Denver, CO

Source SBD > DA-P1 > PCM-M1 @ 48kHZ
Lineage PCM-M1 @ 48kHZ > Delta Dio 2496 > Samplitude 2496 (48k > 44.1) > CDWav > wav > SHN
Taped by Nic Brokenleg
Transferred by Nic Brokenleg (


The two cuts are a result of temporary losses of the SBD feed. Silence was removed from these two tracks with Samplitude 2496.


Reviewer: ludlow66 - - January 5, 2007
Subject: Great Show
This is a great show with excellent sound. Love the "Jupiter" quote at the end of Like a Buddah.
Reviewer: Jac from Tucson - - April 29, 2006
Subject: Was DL format changed on this?
I DL'd this, but it was only available as 199 MB mp3 compressed file. Was this once available in SHN? I put it on my iPod and converted the mp3's to wav and burned to CD, but those are just backups and won't ever be copied in a trade due to their lossy format.

The show's great, the sound is great. I'll check back at some point in the future and hopefully this will again be available in SHN format. Maybe I just hit it on a day when something wasn't right... A 5-star show, but being available only in mp3 format drops it to 4 stars...for now.
Reviewer: mmw365 - - July 19, 2005
Subject: Wonderful
7 Story Mtn. is beautiful. This show is so good. SBD that sounds like this, how could you pass it up.
Reviewer: efojr - - February 10, 2005
Subject: Again great but not the best
This and the 01/31/2003 show are the most popular for unknown reason. While great some of the "best" can be found here... rre2004-05-15 & rre2004-10-02.
Reviewer: m311ton - - January 18, 2005
Subject: Variety, Energy, and Quality
To be honest I was disappointed in Railroad Earth when I first heard them because I was expecting something different, but this show is one I keep around. The recording (sound quality) is amazing and the show has a nice variety to it. I prefer this show over other RE shows because of that variety but also because it has a little more energy than some of the others I have heard. Given, I haven't heard them all but this one impresses me.
Reviewer: micall - - October 27, 2004
Subject: getting better and better.
With their new album out the music keeps getting better. I wish I was at this show but the quality is there and so are all their good tracks. Great variations on songs from show to show.
Reviewer: vinceCB - - August 22, 2004
Subject: Cervante's
Great show. I am a Mess is still the best 'jam' song they do. FYI: The 'red neck bar in colorado' is actually the Eldo Bar in Crested Butte. The lyrics originate from Todds brother who lived here, wrote a letter home to his Mom about his new lifestyle (the dress part has to do with a 'fundraiser ball' here where women & men wear dresses)
Reviewer: meanderingjeeper - - April 16, 2004
Subject: Great Show!
This was indeed a great show! Third in the three show Colorado run (Boulder->Springs->Denver) and was certainly the best.

Luxury Liner is good...that Mess is crazy....and Long way to go for encore is terrific.
Reviewer: khopsicker - - March 30, 2004
Subject: RRE Gets Better and Better Every Time I See Them
I was at this show and all I can say is WOW!!!! These guys get better every time I see them. The Mess was incredible. It was running like a freight train by the time it ended. Todd was amazing.

Overall, it really looks like these guys are coming together great. It seemed to me like they were having a lot of fun. HIGHLY recommend this show!

Ken Hopsicker, Littleton, CO
Uploaded by
Nic B
on 3/30/2004
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